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Franke ORX110 Sink with
Optional OC-36C bottom
Grid drainer
Franke ORX110 with OC-36C
After remodeling hundreds of kitchens, I have found
This sink to be the most useful and every customer
I have put it in for has liked it, here’s why:
· It is a large single sink you can fit pots
  & pans in
· Space in back: This is important. On most large
  single sinks you CAN NOT fit a basin mount faucet
  behind them. Look at the promotional pictures,
  they show a wall mount faucet. This sink will
  comfortably hold:
1. Single (typically one hole)
2. Air gap (necessary for dishwasher)
3. Filter faucet
4. Optional air switch for disposal on/off
or lotion dispenser.
· Optional bottom grid drain. An important feature,
  here’s why: Multi-purpose use. If you have this
  drainer, it is like having two or even 3 bowls;
  you can have dirty dishes, clean dishes draining
  and peel potatoes etc. simultaneously. The
  drainer will separate them and you can still wash
  waste down the sink under it. I leave mine in all
  the time.
· It will fit into a 30” wide sink base, more room
  for drawers and useful cabinets in your kitchen.
This sink goes under (under mount) your counter top.
OC 36C Bottom grid drainer
Though you can’t tell by looking at it, this drainer is
constructed of chrome metal and is coated with
clear silicon rubber. Another huge benefit of having
this drainer is a much quieter sink. Additionally, your
clean dishes can “tip and stack” much better from
the grip it gives. It also protects the bottom of your
new sink from scratching. NOTE: Do not put very hot
pans on it, or the coating will melt!
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