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Everett Lakoduk founded Kitchen Enthusiast in 1984 and specializes in kitchen design, cabinets and product specification, as well as contracting services and room additions.  Because many remodels require permit approval we also draft plans, including Title 24 specifications and engineering calculations when needed.  We then get all the necessary permits.
Everett Lakoduk
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“I think kitchens should look like furniture, and I use affordable cabinets and creative ideas to do it, it’s why we are so successful in this tough market.”
 Low Overhead Design Studio
After a terrible fire totally destroyed my other showroom, I realized what I really needed was a small studio to meet my clients, display product, do design work, print, fax...then this lousy economy hit, and I am very glad I don’t have the overhead burden plus this new studio is a good fit, since I find it best to work by appointment anyway.  I do however like to have a time for drop-Ins, so Saturday’s from 11:00 - 3:00 I keep open for anyone to just come by. It gives me the freedom to keep doing what I love and make it affordable.
I recently remodeled my kitchen and I learned a lot about the decision overload that my customers go through; it was like choosing one of my children over the other.  I have always believed in staging, that is taking a group of samples, like a door or wood sample, a piece off a granite slab (ask the granite yard, they’ll snap off a chunk) tile, paint chips, maybe a knob and seeing if you like all the parts together, here’s the thing,  I call it amplification, it goes like this: if something looks a little odd, it will be really odd in the larger “stage” of your final room.  If everything looks “nice”, it will be very nice.  If the small stage looks really good, it will be terrific when completed.

Houzz is a great resource for kitchen design.  

Another thing that helps when making kitchen planning decisions is pictures.  The real help here is in communicating your ideas to your designer. You probably won’t find one kitchen picture that has everything you want, but you can get a composite view with a few pictures.  Here’s a word of advice; be sure and let them know what it is exactly about the picture you like, or you may get way off track and down an expensive road, here’s why.  Say you find a picture of a nice, simple (read inexpensive) white kitchen.  You show it to your designer and say “I like this very simple look”, well you just showed them an inset door in a Plain & Fancy ad.  This is a very expensive cabinet company…you get my point.

I have done a lot of kitchens in the last 25 years, and I see people make decisions that will affect their home for many years, I have seen a lot of good decisions from very intelligent people, still I’m not shy about letting someone know if the decision they are making is off track and why.  For example, there are rules for design, by the National Kitchen & Bath Association NKBA, these are ergonomic rules mostly, sometimes people ask for something that will break one, so I let them know.  It’s not a big deal, but I’d want to know if I was breaking an important ergonomic rule.  I don’t want
 Design Decisions
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 It’s the finish
All of our cabinets have a baked on cabinet finish also known as conversion varnish.  It is vastly superior to small shop finishes which are simply lacquer. It is a two part finish much the same as epoxy and once mixed will catalyze and convert or “cross link” into a new impervious finish.  What that means for you is that your cabinet finish will probably outlast your desire to look at it.  This finish is used on wooden
Instruments like guitars because it really holds up.
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 Blast off to a successful             kitchen remodel kitchen
...many years have passed and I had my own 13 year olds, they say I grew up in the depression because of the stories I can tell. And I have worked on over a hundred kitchens, some very nice ones and I have observed 10 key commonalities of successful kitchen projects I would like to tell you about. Let’s count down before you blast off.

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Everett Lakoduk